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Easter Banner 3It’s Friday! And we are less than a month away from Easter.  With that being said – today’s DIY project is an easy way to dress up the mantle for the holiday.  For those of you who may not celebrate Easter, you can still use the same project to dress it up for “spring”.  In order to incorporate those great spring pastels, I created a super easy “happy easter” banner to hang across the mantle! I created this Easter banner using things that I already had around the house, however the materials still should not be very expensive so I will give you a cost estimate.


  • Scrapbook paper in pastel colors (usually around $.50 – $1 per sheet – each sheet should be able to fit 2 banner triangles)
  • Yarn or any type of string/rope to attach the triangles to (I got my yarn for $1 from Big Lots)
  • Magic Marker in the color of your choice!
  • Tape


  • Step One: Cut out the banner pieces.  My triangles were approximately 4″ across the top and approximately 5″ in length.  You can make these smaller or larger depending on where you are hanging them and the look you are going for.
  • Step Two: Write each letter in magic marker! Ideas for phrases include Happy Easter, Spring, Spring has Sprung, etc… be creative! You can also use larger scrapbook sticker letters if you don’t trust your own handwriting. This will add to the cost – and I was looking for a super cheap way to dress up my mantle.
  • Step Three: Tape each banner triangle along the piece of string.  Make sure you make your string long enough to allow a slight sag in the middle.

What do you think? What are some other messages that you could use? I would love to see your mantle dressed up for the spring season!

Enjoy your weekend! I hope it is fun and full of DIY projects.

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Everybody has to E A T


Welcome back y’all! I decided to show you all one of the easiest projects that I have completed – and a cheap one as well! After spending hours upon hours briefly glancing at Pinterest for an easy way to add some art to the kitchen, I decided that what better way to spruce it up then to use the word EAT.  Everybody’s gotta eat right? So I brainstormed, and decided that a metallic EAT sign would be the perfect complement to my Light French Gray walls by Sherwin Williams and new Hi-Macs countertops in Ripe Cotton.  Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of the process – however I don’t think you will have trouble following along (buying letters and spray-painting them).


  • Cardboard/Paper Mache letters
  • Spray paint
  • Sawtooth Picture Hangers

Time:  About 30 minutes (after shopping!)

Step One: Take a trip to your local Hobby Lobby, Jo-Ann Fabrics, or Michael’s store and purchase cardboard letters in the size of your choice.  (Lazy like I am? Purchase them online from Jo-Ann Fabrics here).  The 8″ letters were $2.99 each while the 12″ letters were $4.99 each. I opted for the 12″ as I had a larger space to fill.

Step Two: Continue your journey on to Home Depot or Lowe’s to purchase the spray paint in whichever color your heart desires.  While the craft stores sell spray paint as well, I have found that they are way more expensive than going to Lowe’s or Home Depot.  As I wanted a brushed silver look to match the hardware on my cabinets, I went for Rust-Oleum Antique Nickel (you can purchase online here – $6.76). I plan on using this color for multiple projects in the near future, so the $7 is well worth it!

Step Three: Now that your shopping is complete, take your supplies to a well ventilated area and spray these bad boys down! Make sure to take off the bar code stickers prior to spraying (learned that the hard way).  I used two coats (and waiting about 20 minutes in between coats) to make sure the color was covering the letters.

Step Four: Once they are dry, you are ready to hang ’em up! I used sawtooth picture hangers (like these ones – $1.94 for 3). Make sure you gently hammer these into place as the cardboard is not very sturdy.  Hang them in the top middle of each letter and then figure out where you can show these off!

Looking for other cute EAT ideas? Chalkboard paint works miracles! My favorite chalkboard spray paint is Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Spray Paint ($3.76).  The kiddies can doodle on these while you are slaving away over the stove!

What do you think? How did yours turn out? Have any other grEAT ideas? Let me know!

What Exactly is this Project?


My fiancée and I recently purchased a house in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio.  As you know, being a first-time homebuyer can really break the bank, so my goal was to achieve the expensive looks I love for a fraction of the price.  In order to do this, I had to put down my Kate Spade purse and pick up a hammer (ugh!) and get down and dirty.  Thankfully, my fiancée is handy (and has every tool a girl could need) so I had all that I needed to let the learning process begin.  I have found some amazing bloggers whom I now follow religiously, and throughout my journey to remodel our new house, I will be recreating many of their projects.  Making your own furniture and home accessories is easier than it sounds (and way cheaper than buying new) as I have come to find out!

So please follow along and post any ideas that you have! It will take some time, but eventually this will be the house of our dreams!