What Exactly is this Project?


My fiancée and I recently purchased a house in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio.  As you know, being a first-time homebuyer can really break the bank, so my goal was to achieve the expensive looks I love for a fraction of the price.  In order to do this, I had to put down my Kate Spade purse and pick up a hammer (ugh!) and get down and dirty.  Thankfully, my fiancée is handy (and has every tool a girl could need) so I had all that I needed to let the learning process begin.  I have found some amazing bloggers whom I now follow religiously, and throughout my journey to remodel our new house, I will be recreating many of their projects.  Making your own furniture and home accessories is easier than it sounds (and way cheaper than buying new) as I have come to find out!

So please follow along and post any ideas that you have! It will take some time, but eventually this will be the house of our dreams!